We are Spark, and we're here to power tomorrow.
We connect millions of people in emerging markets to solar power. We promise the highest level of customer satisfaction, and we deliver on that promise. Our modular systems are carefree and help you grow in life and work, no matter where you live,our grid allows even the smallest community to become energy resilient.


Solar-powered lives are future-proof lives. We deliver smart and simple solutions that are owned and operated by the people who need them most. While we work behind the scenes to build the energy network of the future, we empower emerging markets to take control of their energy needs with systems that are smartly distributed, viable and sustainable. This means that life doesn’t stop when the sun sets. Power your future with our plug & play solar kits and let tomorrow be a bright day.


We enable surplus energy to be shared between households. This is our vision for collaborative community energy networks. Early solar adopters in a community can inspire other households, and build the movement with us. We want to connect network providers rather than build the energy grids itself. Our goal is to connect villages and cities to each other, and build an energy sharing platform. Grids built with Spark tools are a co-operative alternative to the top-down energy grids.

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We build long term local partnerships to make this clean energy transition happen. They are our eyes and ears on the ground, and help us understand what energy truly means to consumers. Spark acknowledges their valuable market experience and promises to offer a one-stop solution to help them scale up their business and have greater impact.

Full partner solutions

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Our impact goes beyond lighting homes in emerging markets. The impact of a Spark Energy Kit is greatest in our last-mile communities – through access to light bulbs, lamps, portable chargers, radios, televisions and fans. We use the industry certified metrics to quantify our impact, which tells the story of why clean energy matters in the world’s most remote communities.

Number of people with improved access to energy


kWh clean energy generated by our solar panels


Tons of CO2 saved by replacing kerosene lamps


Additional income generated (productive use and savings on energy expenditure)


Number of people supporting their businesses with Spark energy kits


Number of indirect jobs created at our partners


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Spark’s Plan for African Energy

2023 is now underway, and at Spark it’s set to be a bright year. Building on the company’s successes and partnerships in 2022, we’re looking to scale, innovate and bring more partners into our truly modular ecosystem.

Our Co-Founder and Managing Director Marcel van Heist shares his insight into Spark’s mission, our direction and what we can expect in 2023 and beyond.

How we connect emerging markets to off-grid solar in an ethical and sustainable way

As a sector, off-grid solar faces an uphill challenge in bringing modern energy to the communities that need it most. Find out how Spark’s business model prioritises ethical and sustainable growth to ensure there are bright days ahead for those still without light and power.

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Spark to use €2 million Oikocredit investment to boost solar businesses in Africa

Spark plans to support more last-mile solar entrepreneurs and distributors with the investment, to reach hundreds of thousands of homes over the next two years.

Spark rebrand: new look, same mission

Spark – formerly known as Rural Spark, has unveiled our rebrand with a bold new look that reflects our confident approach to transforming energy access. New look, same mission.

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Spark raises $3.5 million growth capital

Latest raise gives Spark a multi-million dollar boost in growth capital, fueling expansion into the energy access market.

Spark Kits

Spark latest product showcases the Energy Kit of the future.

Electricity sparks opportunity. At Spark, we help families, communities and businesses shine brighter with solar power. Our systems are easy and affordable and will help you grow in life and work, no matter where you live.