Power your life with the sun

Powerful battery packed in a smart, slim design with an intuitive screen

Capacity per battery


High quality LiFePO4

>2000 cycles


multilingual support

Energy monitoring

real time usage data

Charge now, power later

During the day, Spark batteries store the solar power that you don’t use. You can use it to power electronic devices, like lights or a TV – four lights can run for up to 8 hours on one full battery. And, If you use more power than your solar panels generate during the day, the smart battery will automatically stop charging and supply power back to your devices. Multiple batteries can be connected, to create one large solar system. This enables them to power bigger appliances like refrigerators or small crop mills.

More batteries = more power stored

When batteries are connected, they can store even more power. Each battery has 2 USB ports in order to connect smaller electronic devices like a phone or clippers. They also have two 12 Volt  outputs for larger devices, like a tv.

All the information you need in a glance

The Screen shows the current battery level and how many days are left until the next payment is due. Use the buttons to see more data, such as how much time is left before a battery runs out. Batteries can be paid for individually, to help you cut back or power up when you need to. Adding credit has never been easier with the Screen. You can verify each token after you enter it, and your new balance will be displayed.

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