Spark Portal

The Spark portal supports distributors every step of the way. We’re integrated with all major PAYGo platforms, offer mobile money and SMS integration for speedy transactions. We take care of these integrations, and our portal triggers the automatic PAYGo payments so that distributors can focus on their core business.


The Spark kit has a secure, built-in prepaid PayGo mechanism, which processes payments in instalments. Customers’ purchase tokens to top-up their balance. These tokens are automatically generated by the service platform upon receiving payment. Once the balance is topped-up, the energy kit is activated and customer’s can plug in to power. It’s as simple as that.

Loan security

At Spark, security is a priority. The Spark system provides loan security to financial institutions, as the energy kit only works after payments have been made. Financial partners can access direct insights on the quality of loans, and operational tools for managing these loans.

Real-time insights

Our platform gives partners real-time insights on management, sales, and stock overviews. Partners can monitor customer payments, track sales, and analytic reports. These insights are fully integrated across every platform. Spark offers our own platform, and provides the partner an API for token generation so you can continue to work with your own, trusted platform.

Local integration

The Spark Portal platform integrates with local mobile payment systems and digital mobile wallets, using secure payment methods that are locally embedded and widely used. Through a simple SMS message, tokens can be automatically provided to customers after each payment.

Agent facilitation

The Spark Portal platform is accessible, and easy to use. Field sales agents access the platform right from their smartphone. This helps them manage every aspect of their business, from sales, adding a new customer to the network and managing payments and services. All agent operations available at the touch of a button, in their pocket. 

Service & support

Excellent sales support, and client specific support on energy products come as standard with the service platform. It’s also packed with sales agent training materials, videos, and support content. Within the platform, personal details and history of each individual end-user is accessible, allowing for a tailored, personal approach to service and after sales.