How Spark is different

Our ambition makes us different. We design the future of energy and solve today’s energy crisis with affordable technology. We know that the energy crisis can be solved. We have the technology; we have the investment, and we have influential stakeholders at the heart of off-grid communities. Spark understands how to connect these building blocks to make universal access to affordable energy a reality.



Our modular plug & play technology is flexible, scalable and can be tailored to the varying energy needs of customers. Our vision is to inspire and enable the communities we work in to build energy grids together. We do this by facilitating a technology intervention to get communities their first step on to the energy ladder. We also give our consumers the freedom to customise their energy kits; to purchase only the things they truly need and give the freedom to expand their household energy use and appliances in steps.



The Spark energy ecosystem is made up of four elements: our modular products, our software platform, our hands-on support, and our upfront financing. Our software and support features are unique parts of the Spark ecosystem. With Spark software, creating impact with our local distribution partners is simple and sustainable. Customers buy their solar systems and pay in small PAYGo instalments to eventually own the system. We take care of these integrations, and our portal automatically triggers the PAYGo payments so that distributors can take care of their core business. With Spark support, we offer local presence, market knowledge, strategic long-term partnerships with industry stakeholders, local infrastructure, responsive after sales service. Our complete solar energy system takes care of everything.


Spark Invest

Spark Kits are made for every market. Emerging markets are where off-grid technology has the greatest potential and the biggest impact. We understand that for small businesses, procuring products impacts cash-flow and collecting loan repayments from consumers generates revenue slowly over time. That’s why Spark Invest provides access to a finance in-line with distributors’ collections at competitive rates. So they can focus on growing their business, and we take care of the finances. By alleviating the financial pressure on our partners, their businesses can scale more rapidly and reach more people with the life-changing power and products they need.