Spark Support

We provide more than good business. We share our knowledge and expertise. We ensure that our partners on the ground have a solid understanding of the solar PV engineering capacity of staff and sales agents. This creates a quality on-site and after sales service for customers.

How does Spark Support work?

The solar ecosystem we are building is self-reliant. Our technology reaches consumers through our local distributors. They know their local market. They understand its unique needs and how to optimize service to meet varying demands over time. We offer support and expertise to strategize their growth along with ours.


Technical support

When you run into technical issues with our products, you can rely on the Spark team for support. We provide a knowledgeable, in-house solar engineer for your team. They are the first port of call if you’re having technical difficulties, and deliver top-class after sales support.


Increase your solar engineering capacity

We’re in it for the long run. So we support your solar engineering capacity for the long term. Our solar engineer will deliver expert training to your sales agents, and support the technical skills needed to install and maintain solar power. With us, you grow and learn as part of a truly collaborative solar movement.


Warranty support

All our systems are guaranteed by warranty and we maintain healthy reserves of replacement stock, incase replacement or repairs are needed. This means your business won’t need to stop while you wait for spare parts.