Why Spark

Electricity sparks opportunity. That’s why, at Spark, we connect millions of people in emerging markets to solar power. We believe the most promising technology of the 21st century should be available to everyone: families, communities and entrepreneurs who seek opportunities and a life full of light.

Why we are different

Market demand for energy is universal. But good energy suppliers are not. Spark’s vision is to provide a complete energy ecosystem in off-grid communities, not just to fill a gap in the market. We help communities dream big, by taking the stress out of powering their homes after sunset.


We help future-proof off-grid homes and businesses by powering millions with solar. We start by creating viable building blocks for their energy network. Our plug & play solar energy kits are the core of our energy ecosystem. We work on the ground, directly with businesses to build long-term partnerships.

We’re in it for the long run

Product life cycle & customer protection

We put customers first.
Spark proudly commits to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code to safeguard the rights of our customers. We believe that only responsible innovation ensures progress in the sector. The Consumer Protection Code represents the minimum standard of practice our customers can expect from Spark.

Roadmap & Innovation

Our affordable technology is at the center of our solar power movement. We’re forward thinking, because we’re in it for the long run. The Spark roadmap defines our journey and ambitions to enable energy sharing in communities. This roadmap is not just about us; at Spark, we believe that by working together with distributors and businesses we can secure a clean energy future for all.

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