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We build long term local partnerships to make the clean energy transition happen. Our local partners are our eyes and ears on the ground, and help us understand what energy truly means to consumers. Spark acknowledges their valuable market experience and promises to offer a one-stop solution to help them scale up their business and have greater impact.

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Spark batteries


Our solar energy kits are modular, edgy and green – literally. We have a kit for every budget. Our kits allow you to start small and grow big with modular add-ons for our plug & play solutions. Every Spark kit comes with consumer financing and modern design to put reliable, affordable energy under your roof.

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We tailor to your needs

Spark Portal

The Spark portal supports distributors every step of the way. We’re integrated with all major PAYGo platforms, offer mobile money and SMS integration for speedy transactions. We take care of these integrations, and our portal triggers the automatic PAYGo payments so that distributors can focus on their core business.

Spark Support

We provide more than good business. We share our knowledge and expertise. We ensure that our partners on the ground have a solid understanding of the solar PV engineering capacity of staff and sales agents. This creates a quality on-site and after sales service for customers.

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Spark Invest

We understand that procuring products impacts your cash-flow and collecting loan repayments from consumers generates revenue slowly over time. We offer access to a finance that suits you, in-line with your collections at competitive rates.