Smart, sleek 200 lumen lights

Extendable reach to brighten up every corner of your home

Lights control

unique seamless dimmer

Flexible connect

connect multiple lights in daisy chain system


up to 200 lumen

Power usage

1.3W ±0.1

Brighten your home with Spark Lights

Kick out kerosene lamps and shine all night with our solar-powered lights.  The Spark Solar Panel turns sunlight into power, which is stored in the Spark Battery, so you can use it whenever you need it, morning or night. One 10 Wp solar panel powers four lamps for up to 8 hours after sundown.

A flexible system that reaches every room

Spark Lights come with an extendable 12 meter cable, which allows you to light every corner of your home. And don’t worry about connecting each light to a battery. Our system is set up for you to link up to 3 lights on the same switch, without losing light intensity. You can even use the Spark Light outside, as the Battery is portable.

Detachable lamp shade for directional light

Our Light doesn’t just perform well, it looks good too. The detachable lamp shade reflector ensures the light is fully directional when needed, but can be removed to provide a broad-spectrum of light.

Ready to power your life with solar?