Customer protection

Spark proudly commits to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code to safeguard and respect the rights of our consumers. We believe that only responsible innovation ensures sustainable progress in our sector. The Consumer Protection Code represents the minimum standard of practice our consumers can expect from Spark.

The Consumer Protection Code is extremely important to ensure responsible growth in our sector. The code was developed by GOGLA – the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association – and accepted by all its members.

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Our promise


  • The company shares clear and sufficient information on the product, service, payment plan and personal data privacy practices to enable consumers to make informed decisions.
  • The company shares relevant and timely information before, during and after sales.
  • The company communicates in a language and manner consumers can understand.

Responsible sales and pricing

  • The company takes adequate care to ensure consumers can afford to pay for the product and / or service without becoming overburdened.
  • The company ensures consumers’ characteristics are taken into account in the price, payment structure and fees of the product and / or service.

Good consumer service

  • The company ensures availability of technical and after-sales service support, including warranty and post-warranty service for a reasonable period of time.
  • An accessible, effective and timely mechanism for complaints and problem resolution is in place.
  • The company instructs consumers on proper use and care, and any health and safety risks, related to the product usage or disposal.
  • The company considers measures to enable continued operability of the product in the event of the failure of the company.

Good product quality

  • The company ensures the product / system is appropriate, good quality, safe and performs as advertised.
  • The company ensures the user interface / payment platform is appropriate for consumers.
  • The company takes reasonable measures to ensure product longevity (including ease of operation and maintenance, repairability and durability).

Data privacy

  • The company applies good practices and comply with relevant laws and regulations governing consumer data privacy.
  • The company only collects, uses, retains and shares personal information that is necessary for the stated consumer service and legitimate interests of the business.
  • The company ensures consumer data is kept secure and confidential.

Fair and respectful treatment

  • The company ensures fair and respectful treatment of current and prospective consumers, with adequate safeguards in place against corruption and abusive treatment.
  • The company promotes inclusive practices and do not discriminate, for example, by gender, religion or ethnicity.
  • The company seeks consumers’ views and feedback on the design and delivery of the product, service and payment plan.

Product Life Cycle

We’re committed to ensuring our products are used responsibly for their entire lifetime, even when they reach the end of their productive use. We know that solar can only be sustainable if it is properly disposed of or recycled and not discarded as e-waste. In the absence of affordable e-waste recycling, we have put in place measures that prolong the lifespan of our technology.

E-waste recycling and collecting

  • What is E-waste?

    E-waste is a catch-all term for electronic products nearing the end of their “useful life.” Many of our daily electronic products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled.
    E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. While e-waste contains valuable materials such as aluminium, copper, gold, palladium and silver, it also contains harmful substances like cadmium, lead and mercury. Without proper awareness, disposing of e-waste in landfill can result in toxic emissions entering the air, water and soil and pose serious health risks and environmental hazards.
    We encourage the recycling of all useful and valuable material from e-waste to conserve ever depleting natural resources. Recycling end-of-life, discarded products is vital to save resources and minimize landfill.

  • What should I do with end of life/e-waste products?

    Reduce, reuse, recycle.

    Reduce the generation of e-waste through smart handling and good maintenance of appliances. Our user manual explains how to properly handle electronic appliances.

    Reuse functioning electronic equipment by donating it to Spark, or let your distributor know that you would like to pass it on to us.

    Recycle products that cannot be repaired. Customers may handover their end of life products to our nearest drop points for proper recycling.

    We are happy to answer your questions on e-waste.

  • Tackling product lifecycle with modularity

    Our energy kits grow with your needs. There’s no need to purchase a new one when customers upgrade the appliance capacity in their homes. This is made possible by our product modularity. Our energy kits are able to expand capacity with little to no limitations. It’s as simple as adding appliances to your existing energy kits, which prevents a bundle of e-waste appliances before their end of life.

    Do customers want a simple solar home system with light bulbs? We provide it. Do they want a superior system with multiple televisions? We provide it. We can upgrade and expand energy kits as customers’ product needs grow. By adapting customers’ current kits, we make sure that they are not discarding and replacing systems and creating unnecessary e-waste.

  • Our way forward

    At Spark, we push the boundaries of this value chain and explore what more we can do. Affordable and accessible e-waste recycling in emerging markets is a work in progress, and we are proud to work alongside industry leaders to tackle this. Read about the GOGLA e-waste tool kit here and how it is setting new industry standards.