Spark latest product showcases the Energy Kit of the future.

Electricity sparks opportunity. At Spark, we help families, communities and businesses shine brighter with solar power. Our systems are easy and affordable and will help you grow in life and work, no matter where you live.

Spark Kits


Our modular system can create any solar home system configuration, by upgrading and adding appliances.

What would you like to power? Choose your Kit

Whether you want to run a few lights, watch TV or run a business, there‚Äôs a kit that will suit you. Our modular kits make it possible to start small and grow. Spark Batteries can be connected to all Spark appliances, multiple Spark solar panels and to each other, allowing you to store more power and use more devices for even longer. See the different Kit’s here.

Customer Protection

Spark proudly commits to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code to safeguard and respect the rights of our consumers. We believe that only responsible innovation ensures sustainable progress in our sector. The Consumer Protection Code represents the minimum standard of practice our consumers can expect from Spark.

Full partner solutions

We build long-term local partnerships to make the clean energy transition happen. They are our eyes and ears on the ground, and help us understand what energy truly means to consumers. Spark acknowledges their valuable market experience and promises to offer a one-stop solution to help them scale up their business and have greater impact.